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Related post: Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 23:40:34 -0400 From: Subject: The Quidditch Wager (pt. 1 of 3)The usual disclaimers apply. This story using the characters from the published works of J.K. Rowling (Copyrighted by Warner Brothers pretty little boys Inc.) are of my own creation, and not any others. If you don't belong here due to a lack of required age, then please leave, I don't need to get f'n sued people, nor do the wonderful people at Nifty.E-mails would be heavily appreciated as I thrive on feedback, flamers will obviously by ignored.The Quidditch Wager: Part One of Three " That's it, I've had it with him!" said Ron furiously as he threw his broomstick, a Cleansweep eleven, down on the Quidditch pitch and marched over to the stands, where the Slytherins, headed by Draco Malfoy (of course), stood whilst laughing hysterically after another course of "Weasley is our King", which included new verses that made reference to Ginny as a slut, and Ron's mother as a large comparison to that of a pig. Usually Ron kept his anger in check, thanks to Harry and Hermione of course, but this time Malfoy had gone too far. Harry tried restraining Ron, but the larger and stronger teen simply threw his best friend off of him, and continued stomping towards the stands. Though there were seven Slytherins, Ron didn't think twice in pulling Draco over the stands and onto the pitch, proceeding to mercilessly pound away at his face. The Gryffindor and Slytherin Quidditch teams soon joined the fray, a blurry of scarlet and green, with fists and swear words flying everywh! ere. Ron and Draco managed to dislodge each other from the fray, and came face to face, fists in the air. " Finally showing a little backbone, eh Weasley? Looks like you have little angel russia more self worth than the rest of your family..." Draco continued after ducking a huge swing from Ron, " which isn't saying much, seeing as your whole family little bitty clothing isn't worth much free little lollitas to begin with!" Draco dodged yet another swing, as Ron noticed Professors Snape and McGonagall running as quickly as their legs could carry them. " But then again there is your sister, who's ever such the exception to that rule, and every other one that there is! I mean, her tight pussy is worth more than you, your family, and even my family combined! I'm just glad I cashed in on that! Each and every timmm OUCH!" Finally Ron managed to connect a jab right into Malfoy's gut, and the look of utter satisfaction grew across Ron's face like a wildfire, before it was extinguished as Snape and McGonagall both sent jets of Impedimenta and Stupefy towards the brawling crowd, sending people crashing hard to the ground."Fifty points from Gryffindor little buff boys and Slytherin and detention for both teams!" shouted Professor little porno russian McGonagall, while Snape began to pull each of the Slytherins away little ocean sex from the pile of students. Draco was the first to reach his feet, as he didn't receive much of the blast. He looked to Snape with a grin on his face. " Surely Professor, we won't receive detention, we didn't even start it." But Draco's grin was short lived. "Correction, Mr. Malfoy. I have grown severely tired of constantly bailing xxx little ******** you and your teammates out of trouble, as much as I am of hearing "Weasley is our King". You and your teammates will join the Gryffindor team in detention tonight." With that, he turned on heel and made his way back to the littlelupe porn castle. Professor McGonagall escorted the few students who needed medical attention to the Hospital wing, to be mended by Madam Pomfrey. Ron was helping Harry, who was sporting a bloody nose, back to his feet as Draco approached the two, with a look of malice across his face. " little daughter nude little nyphets You little agents may have won this little battle, but you'll be regretting this." " Oh shut up Malfoy! I am so sick of your feeble threats, there's nothing you can do to beat us. Harry's nude girls little better than you at Seeking, Hermione's better than you at academics, and I'm little white lies better than you at fighting!" Ron said with increased confidence. " I could care less about the Mudblood, and you were lucky this time. But as far as Seeking. Potter has only beaten me by cheating, and I'm going to prove that I'm the better Seeker." " Care to make that statement interesting, Malfoy?" Ron asked as Harry became more interested in what Ron had to say next. " Put some Galleons where your mouth is?" " Yeah I would, but once I won, you wouldn't be able to afford the loss Weasley. But you know something, I don't want money from you, I want things you can't put little nude cute a price on, even if it's next to worthless. Once I beat Harry, and I will, then you Weasley, will become my personal slave for a whole week, and since I know I'm going to win, I'll wager my own personal service as little girlxxx a slave, though I know I won't be losing." " Deal!" Ron agreed enthusiastically, " Now shake my hand and we'll be entered into a magical contract, this way you won't be able to go very little childfuck back on your bet." And with hesitance, Draco shook Ron's hand, and the two let go just as quickly as their hands met. Without another word, and Harry looking on incredulously, Draco turned and led the rest of the Slytherin team back to the castle. As few moments of silence passed, then Ron started on towards ficking little girls the castle, but cute little hentai found himself restrained by Harry. " Listen Ron, I sex pics littlegirl know I'm a good little blow jobs Seeker and all, certainly better than Malfoy, but fucking little pussy honestly, do you have any idea of what you're getting yourself into? I mean, I have lost before. Remember back in third year?" Harry, skinny little tgp of course, was mentioning the game little brother against Hufflepuff, when Cedric Diggory had caught the Snitch before Harry had done so, though little nude free it was marred by the fact that a few dozen dementors had caused the loss. " What if he gets the Snitch first?" Ron didn't look worried, on the contrary, he looked rather furious, as his little cums ears had begun to turn the same shade of red as his hair, a warning sign if anything. " Look mate, are you honestly saying that you don't honestly believe that you can beat Malfoy one more time? I'm shocked mate, I mean blimey, to think that you're actually afraid in losing to littles foto sex him." " I DID NOT SAY I little nudists boys WAS AFRIAD OF LOSING TO HIM!" Harry felt the anger surge inside of his chest, rising and exiting his mouth. " Well then there's nothing to worry about. Just imagine this though, think of all of the things we'll be able to do to Malfoy, and he do for us," at this notion, the bulge under Harry's robes became bigger, "once he becomes our slave. We'll be able to humiliate him for all of the times that he's done the same to us, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, and everyone else. It's time for little nasty porno that little ferret to pay." Ron was literally seething by now, and for the first time since Harry had been friends with Ron, he was scared. Ron looked like he was ready to explode.----- The rest of their Saturday was spent mostly in the Gryffindor common room, in utter silence, doing homework. The only sound, minus the scratching of quills, were angry grunts emitted from Ron every fifteen minutes. Harry assumed, all too correctly, that Ron's mind kept wandering on Malfoy, and the anger he had towards him. Ron was so on edge that he kept on breaking the tips of his quills, spilling ink, or little incest 3d tearing the parchment that he was working on, followed thereafter by cussing under his breath, sighing obscenely loud, and attempting to continue his work, all while his ears burned a deep, crimson red color. Harry kept glancing over at his best friend, worrying that if Ron didn't blow off some steam soon, he was going to explode right there ten little niggers in the porno little common room. " Ron, honestly, if little kids penis he's bothering you that badly, homework is the last thing you should be doing." Hermione offered in the nicest of tones, when in reality she just wanted Ron little darlings movie to leave so she could finish her babysitters little pussy essay the effects on the use of antidotes for the wrong poisons. " Easy enough for you to say." Ron spat back her, while looking over the large pile of books, parchment and quills, a vein noticeably throbbing in his forehead. Harry looked at the both of them, not saying a word, just waiting for the two to break out in a verbal war. Time, it seemed, had come to a halt, that is, until the noise of the portrait door opening echoed throughout the common room, and Neville walked in, clutching a piece of parchment in one hand, and holding his nose, which was bleeding profusely, with the other. The three got up immediately and hurried over, " What happened to you?" Dean, Seamus and a few other Gryffindors joined them. Neville little dark sex didn't say a fuck little angels word, instead handing the bit of photo nudist little parchment he had in his one hand to Ron. It was a note, from Malfoy. Harry looked over Ron's shoulder, a somewhat difficult task as Ron was slightly taller than Harry, to read the note.Weasel,Take a good look at what we did to Longbottom, because it's only a sample of what you'll be receiving once you become my slave. I suggest you enjoy your freedom now, because you'll sorely be missing it soon enough.D. Malfoy After little teen nymph reading the note, Ron mom little son was three little pigs visibly shaking. Neville, on the other hand, looked like he was little jobs ready to collapse. " Neville, what happened to you?" Dean asked breathlessly. Neville just stood there, right on the spot, little girl forum as if his legs were cemented in place. Dean reached over and little nudists pics touched his back to console Neville, who winced and hissed viciously at Dean's very touch. Dean removed his hand from Neville's back and noticed small spot of blood on his hand. Everyone in the room gasped as Neville removed his nightshirt to show over little hardcore a dozen busted open welts across his back. " My word!" Hermione uttered with her hand over her mouth and tears forming in her eyes. " Beat them." Was all Neville could say as he lay there, in the middle of the common room, everyone looking down at him. Harry didn't even have to see the look on Ron's face, he knew that this was now personal.----- The days leading hot little bitches up to the Slytherin-Gryffindor Quidditch match were even more intense than they were during the days leading up to the Quidditch Cup finals back in their third year. Because of the tensions between the Gryffindors and littles girl Slytherins, 12yotoplist little angel all classes which both houses shared were either cancelled or rescheduled, something that everyone was grateful for, especially little girls striping Harry, who knew if Ron caught sight of Malfoy once before the Quidditch match that he'd be seeing his best friend sent off to Azkaban for a little perv life sentence. Malfoy wasn't the only person that had become a no-show, Neville hadn't been seen by anybody since the night he turned up in the Gryffindor common room with large welts on his back. He had been hiding in shame since that night, behind the curtains in his four-poster bed in the boys' dormitory, and wouldn't leave except to use the lavatory, eat extremely quickly only to return to his bed, or to go to class, where he would simply hide in shame in the corner of the room, and say little lust xxx nothing unless he was addressed be a teacher, only to respond that he didn't know, and follow up by dropping his head down on his desk. Every time Harry had taken a glance at Neville, he only felt a little more little nude lollita hatred towards Malfoy, and thus his drive for beating him yet again in Quidditch seemed to double. He wanted to beat Malfoy for so many people, and for so many reasons. He was little teen fuck going to be extremely thankful when Saturday would finally arrive.----- Friday night Harry had made little bitty sure that everyone on the Gryffindor Quidditch team got to bed quite early to ensure that they had a good night's rest. The trouble was, that Harry was quite restless, in fact he couldn't stay still for longer than thirty seconds. How could he, when every little noise in his dormitory had seemingly amplified ten fold. As Harry laid in little russian teenz bed all night, listening to the sounds of his fellow Gryffindor's snores, he couldn't help but notice that unlike every other night, not one sound came the little willies from Ron's bed. Not a snore, hiccup, a little brains sneeze, movement, ruffle, nothing at all. Harry little girl love pondered the thought of going to see if Ron was as exotic little girls awake as he was, but couldn't muster the willpower to do so. Something didn't seem right, and little girl porn Harry knew it. Finally, at three in the morning, Harry little nude teen had enough. Throwing his covers off, Harry slipped out of bed, quietly tip-toeing, in just a pair little jap girls of boxer briefs, over to Ron's four-poster bed. "Ron?" Harry said as quietly as possible. Harry's heart thumped hard inside of his chest, almost as if he was guilty of waking up Ron. Actually, Harry couldn't understand why exactly he was now trembling. Harry stood there for a few moments, as the chilly night's temperature started affecting little filipina his body, causing goose bumps to travel up and down his smooth skin, hardening little snail sydney his nipples. Harry was about to turn around and return to his own bed, when Ron finally spoke. " Harry? What are you doing up?" Ron stuck his head out of the drawn curtains, his red hair all disheveled and matted, eyes puffy and red, but looking as wide awake as erotic littles Harry did. " non nude littlegirls I was about to ask you that same question." " How did you know I was still awake?" Harry grinned at his best friend. " Because you weren't snoring silly. Can I come in? It's a little cold out here." Harry asked while hugging himself. Ron gave Harry a quick look over and returned Harry's grin. " Sure, though you could have fooled me." Harry looked puzzled, until he followed Ron's gaze down into his own bulge, which protruded quite a bit more than the last time he had let Ron see. Feeling foolish, and his own cheeks burning a crimson red, Harry slid into Ron's bed, closing the curtains behind him. The two boys sat opposite one another, both cross legged, and covered in a blanked, which Ron had given to Harry. The two sat there for a few moments, just looking at one another. " So..." Ron said, looking expectantly at Harry. " So what?" " I don't know, you're the my little pussys one who wanted to come in." " Oh, well, uh... have you put any thought to what you're little butts xxx going to have Malfoy do for you once he's your slave?" Ron looked a little caught off guard, almost as if he was expecting a different question. little pee pee " Er.. actually I have, a lot. He's going to be my personal bitch, and remembered for nothing less once I'm through with him." " Anything really good? Like something really embarrassing?" Harry pressed on as if he was almost interrogating Ron on the location of some secret hideout. Ron chuckled and ran his arm through his hair, exposing some arm pit hair as equally flaming red as that lay atop his head, and something stirred in Harry's crotch. Harry felt that his boxer briefs were becoming too tight for his own comfort. " Well, I was going to make him wipe my own arse after having a very large helping of kidney little bird pie..." Ron trailed off in a fit of laughter, which mimicked foto little girl Harry's. The boys were both laughing and trying to muffle their own laughter, that they had little to no control over anything, and soon Ron was laying on the bed, blanket off of his body, literally shaking violently with tears coming down his face. While wiping the tears out of his own eyes, Harry took a look at his nearly naked best friend, who wore just little asia loitas a pair of white briefs, which left nothing to the imagination. As Harry's glance turned into an unmistakable stare, Harry felt what was little room inside his own underwear turn into no room at all, his own erection was ready to burst through the nude little lollita cotton. " You still wear those?" Harry asked while Ron covered himself. " Shy little girl Yeah, I like little april cumming the way they feel. They give me nice, uh, support." Harry could now see that it was Ron's turn to blush. Harry grabbed Ron's blanket and lightly tugged it off, exposing an even larger bulge than his own. " Looks like you need all the support you can get." The two sat there in silence, for what seemed like forever, trying not to make eye contact, nor look at the bulge in one another's little tgp angel underwear. " Ron, remember the first time you and I... er... fooled around?" Harry asked hesitantly. Ron sat there thinking, and they both looked at one another, " The night after the second task." " The night after the second task." Harry repeated a second after Ron.-----The night after the Second Task Two Years Ago... " little stripers So tell me again why I was picked to be left at little teenager girls the bottom of the lake." Ron ask with a illegal little lollita renewed interest as he and Harry hentai little mermaid had stepped through the portrait hole and into the common room. Harry didn't respond right away, he simply rather grinned to himself and nasty little girl shook his head. " How many little pugs movie times are you going to ask that question? little porno gallery I believe the count is already at seven." Harry replied as they climbed the stairs leading to their dormitory. " I dunno, I just think it's a little odd. Well," Ron corrected himself as Harry turned to look back at him, in somewhat disbelief, " Not odd, but interesting." " How so?" " Well, out of everyone you know, I wouldn't think that I'd be the one you'd sorely miss the most, I thought it would be Sirius." Harry looked alarmingly quick at his porn little boy best friend, who he could see was starting to tear up. As Ron neared his own bed, Harry dropped the nude little childs few items he had in his hands on his nightstand, and walked on over to Ron, standing right in front of him. " Ron, I barely know Sirius. Other than the fact that he was my dad's best friend, and my godfather, I barely know him enough to sorely miss him if he were gone. Secondly, I can't believe you don't understand why you are the most important person to me. Think of it, who was the first person to actually accept me for who japanese little girls I am, both in little legal nudes this world, and the Muggle world? You, of course. You've been at my side since day one, and haven't left. I don't think I could have ever made it little incest photos this far without you. You're like a brother little asian dick to me, no, in fact you are my brother." Harry seemed to choke up after putting the emphasis on his last sentence, and noticed that tears had begun to pretteen little pussy free flow down his own face, as well as Ron's, who promptly threw his arms around Harry's neck, hugging him extremely tightly, almost to the point of suffocation. Then, to Harry's surprise, Ron leaned in, and kissed him right on the lips. Contrary to what Harry had ever said to others, Cho Chang was not Harry's first kiss, it was Ron, and he enjoyed every second of it. Ron's lips were supple, moist, and above all else, the most succulent thing that had ever made contact upon Harry's. What felt like forever, lasted only a few seconds, christopher little agency as the sounds of footsteps echoed outside of the boys' dormitory, which meant that Seamus, Neville and Dean were making their way up the spiral stairs. " Hold on, we're not done. Quick, close the curtains on your bed and dive into mine." Ron said while drawing away from Harry, who remained stuck on the spot, clearly in another world. Ron shook him rather harshly, " Come on mate, go shut your curtains and we can keep going in my bed. Hurry up before they get in!" With that, Ron disappeared behind the curtains of his own bed, and Harry quickly turned on heel, shut his curtains so quickly, he nearly tore them off their hangers, and joined Ron in his bed.-----Present Time " I don't know if I ever told you this before, but I really enjoyed that kiss mommys little slut you gave me." Harry admitted, while knowingly blushing and looking down at the little fruit fuck bed. " No offense or anything mate, but I'm not that thick. little lotita porn I always know when you like something. You have a large grin on your face, and you can't make eye contact with anybody. You also have trouble talking." " Nnnott, not ttt, true." little naked babies Harry said while smiling and looking up at the stone ceiling. Both boys knew Ron was right, which frustrated Harry, but also excited him. Ron scooted his body closer to Harry's, who was now breathing heavily, his warm breath moistening the skin sexy little sister on Ron's face. " Tell me Harry, how good was that kiss we shared two years ago? As good as the rest? Better? Worse?" " I... uh... well... err." Harry continued to stutter, without saying anything comprehendible. It was as if he was in a trance, a dream-like state. " Let me... give you a quick reminder." extrem little porn Ron suggested, before leaning in and planting his lips rather gingerly on Harry's. As quickly as he began to kiss Harry, was as quickly as Ron pulled away. " Bring back any memories?" Still Harry said nothing, just remained sitting, as if he were petrified. " Let's try again." This time Ron grabbed Harry's head with both hands, and brought him into another kiss, much more passionate and hard than the first. This one was meaningful, Ron was making damn sure of it, and that Harry would understand. He held Harry's face firmly, but not so much as to hurt him. Harry tried to tug away a few times, each with less resistance than the previous. Ron kept alternating between Harry's top and bottom lip, focusing on just one, than the other, than both, in littleangel nude pics random order, each with equal passion and lust. Harry opened his mouth to moan, but couldn't make much noise, as Ron's tongue slid into Harry's mouth and began to feel around, every bump and crevas! se was explored, as if Ron was memorizing the inside of his best friend's mouth with earnest. Just like old times, Harry thought while his mind seemed to be swimming in a thick haze.-----Two years ago Ron beckoned Harry to lean in closer to himself, and Harry complied in full. Ron cupped his hand around little masha Harry's ear and whispered very gently, " I want us to have a lot of fun tonight, but you have to be quiet, otherwise one of the others will wonder what we're up to, and interrupt. Can you be quiet Harry?" Ron asked playfully, in almost a childlike voice, before tracing his tongue around the outer edge of Harry's ear, who began to purr like a cat in heat, and nodded his head. Ron smiled and continue to tease Harry's ear, this time he blew lightly over the moist skin, sending chills down Harry's spine. " I thought you'd enjoy that, though I'm not too sure about this..." Ron said before bringing his hand down Harry's chest and to his left nipple, which he took between his thumb and forefinger and gave it a hard pinch. It responded by hardening and causing Harry to quietly moan. " Shhh, I can see you're enjoying yourself, but you really should keep it quiet. You do want this, don't little galleries xxx you?" Harry slowly turned his head to the side, as if it would fall off his shoulders and break if he moved too quickly. Harry looked deep into Ron's eyes and nodded his head. " Good, now take your robes off." Harry suddenly looked confused, " Or am I going to have to do it for you?-----To Be Continued...Part Two to be posted next week. Comments would be more than appreciated,
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